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High Frequency Defrosting Machine
High Frequency Defrosting Machine <CHRFT-600,1000_Conveyor Type> <CHRFT-50_Batch Type>     CHARACTER  Able to respond…
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Conveyor Type Defrosting Machine
Conveyor Type Defrosting Machine CHCD-1000     CHARACTER  Net-Conveyor Located inside of defrosting lank can supply a suitable amount of …
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Conveyor Type Washing Machine
Conveyor Type Washing Machine CHCW-1 CHCW-1   CHARACTER  Just load any type of materials such as belly opened fishes, fillets or custs, the…
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Drum Type Washing Machine and Conveyor Type Showering Machin
      Drum Type Washing Machine and Conveyor Type Showering Machine CHDWS-2600     CHDWS-2600   CHARACTER &…
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Hydraulic Overturning Machine
Hydraulic Overturning Machine Character  Hydraulic device makes an input throws easily into defrosting tank.  High productivity no need labor. …
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Fish Defrosting Machine
Fish Defrosting Machine CHDF-700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000     CHARACTER  Trawing in low temperature : This machine always can o…
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Large Size Container Washing Machine
Container Washer CHCW-2   CHARACTER  This machine han an excellent function to remove oil dirts and to sanitize by using 70~80℃ degree…
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Mid Size Container Type Washing Machine
Mid Size Container Type Washing Machine CHCW-1 CHARACTER  The machine has an excellent sterilizing power and can remove oil stains completely by using 70-80 deg…
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Cold Brine Container
Cold Brine Container CHCBC-570 CHARACTER   This device has an excellent function to keep the freshness and natural taste of fish for a long time. It is operat…
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